20-person Deluxe Office Emergency Kit


Deluxe Office Emergency Go-Bucket Kit for 20 people includes 2 Emergency Portable Toilets, Survival Water and Food, Blankets, Water Purifier Tablets, First Aid Kit, and much more!

Product Description

Item #M-13079

formerly MOEK20

Deluxe 20-person Emergency Bucket Kit

Great office earthquake kit for public agencies, non-profit organizations, school office, and other workplace emergency preparedness needs!

Deluxe honey bucket survival kit includes: 

2 –  Durable, crush-resistant honey buckets (portapotties) with emergency toilet seat & lid – can be used as portable toilets
1 – Duffel Bag on Wheels
20 – 2400-Cal. Emergency Food Bars – specially sealed and packaged for 5-year shelf life, each survival bar scored for easy portion control,
120 – Survival Water Pouches – specially sealed and packaged for 5-year shelf life, each purified drinking water pouch stamped with expiration date,
20 – Mylar Emergency Blankets – retains up to 90% body heat, can be used for ground cover, weather protection, or as a signaling device for emergency air support,
2 – Work Gloves (pair),
50 – Germicidal Water Purifier Tablets,
12 – Toilet Liner Bags for Emergency Sanitation Waste Disposal,
20 – Hand Cleansing Wipes, individually wrapped,
1 box Waterproof Matches,
1 – AM-FM Solar Radio
6 – 12-hour Emergency Light Sticks,
1 – First Aid Kit,
1 – 5-pack of Emergency Candles, 
10 pr – Latex-free Nitrile Gloves, 
2 – Toilet Chemical Deodorizer Packets,
1 – 15″ Pry Bar, 
2 – “D” Cell Flashlight, 
4 – Alkaline Flashlight Batteries,
1 – 300′ Caution Barricade Tape,
20 – Protective Safety Masks,
1 – 8 x 10 Emergency Tarp. 

In addition to our 20-person emergency kit, we also carry Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kits with emergency portapottie toilets for classroom emergency preparedness!

Contact Sunset Survival  if you would like us to create a custom kit for your organization!

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Weight 84 lbs