Road Warrior Emergency Backpack Kit


Survival backpack kit contains emergency water, survival blanket, light stick, tow rope, jumper cables, flashlight, poncho, reflective triangle, safety whistle & many other essential travel safety supplies!


Product Description

Item MAA06

This Roadside Emergency Backpack Kit is great for most all road emergency situations.
All items are packed in a heavy-duty backpack.

16-pc Road Warrior Emergency Backpack Kit-

This roadside emergency backpack kit contains:

Heavy-duty backpack,

Emergency Drinking Water Pouches – 5-yr shelf life,

Reflecting Triangle,

High-Intensity Light Stick,

Tow Rope,

Jumper Cables,

Flashlight with Batteries,

Mylar Survival Blanket  Рretains up to 90% body heat, can also be used for ground cover, weather protection, or as an emergency signaling device,

Hooded Emergency Poncho,

Work Gloves,


Duct Tape,

Utility Knife,

Emergency Instructions

Cleansing Towelettes – individually wrapped


Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs

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