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SHIPPING FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What if the website doesn’t display a shipping charge for my order?
Several factors can cause this to happen, such as bulky items (like water barrels), large or heavy ship-weight orders, and certain delivery locations – esp. outside the U.S. If this happens, there are several ways to proceed with your order:

A) Place your order without ship charges. We will email you shipping costs for your approval and process your order when we receive your confirmation, OR,

B) Email, call 714-369-8096, or use our contact form to obtain ship charges, then place your order online as usual. Be sure to reference the quoted charges in the Customer Notes section on your order/payment pg at Checkout, as this quote is customized to each order and expires after 48 hrs. (to provide you with the best possible rate) OR,

C) You can always place your order by phone, fax or U.S. mail and we will obtain shipping charges for you.

2. What if I live in an area (such as Hawaii or Puerto Rico) where I need my order shipped via a specific carrier (such as USPS), or have other special shipping requirements?
Call or email us for a custom freight quote, or just let us know at time of ordering! If ordering online, be sure to include this information in the Customer Notes section of your order/payment form page at Checkout. If additional shipping charges apply, we will obtain your approval before processing your order. (In certain situations, your ship rate may be less than that quoted on the website, such as for Hawaii or Puerto Rico – we can double-check this upon request.)

3. What if I live in the Southern California area and have a large order I would like to pick up to avoid shipping charges?
Will-Call pick-up can be arranged for many orders in northern San Diego County, or Orange County, depending upon your order. Please call or email for details, before placing your order. Simply let us know, when ordering by phone or fax. If you prefer to order online, please call us first for a free-ship coupon code to enter at time of order, as this information needs to be included with your order to avoid ship costs.

4. I am leaving on a trip soon, or my agency/district is running close to year-end budget deadline, and I need my order in a hurry. Can I get overnight or rush shipping?
Call us at 714-369-8096 and let us know what items you need and when you need them; we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. If we are not able to deliver within your time frame, we will let you know before ordering, based upon what items you would like to order and how quickly you need them.

5. I am placing an order for my school and there is nobody available to receive shipments over the school break. Can I place my order ahead of time and have you hold delivery until after a specific date?
Yes! Just let us know your specific delivery requirements at the time you place your order.

6. I live in Puerto Rico and the shipping rate shown seems high. Is it possible to get a lower shipping charge on my order?
Many times it is, yes. For various technical reasons, automatically-calculated ship rates on the website occasionally display at a higher rate than they should. (This sometimes applies to other geographic areas as well.) Just call or email us for shipping charges on the items you wish to order; be sure to include item quantities and item numbers, and the zip code we will be shipping to. (Refer to options listed for Question #1 on this Shipping FAQs page.)

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