MKFP Survival Fanny Pack Kit, First Aid, Emergency Water and Food,, Disaster Safety Kits

Emergency Fanny Pack Kit


Emergency Fannypack Survival Kit leaves hands free in an emergency; Includes Survival Food, Water, Radio, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Blanket, and more!


Product Description


Emergency Fanny Pack Kit

This handy emergency survival kit includes disaster essentials equipment for personal survival conveniently packaged in a fanny-pack to leave hands free in an emergency!

Fanny pack kits include:
AM-FM Radio
Squeeze Flashlight – no batteries ever needed! 1 min charging provides 15-20 min light
2400-Calorie Survival Food Bar – 5 year shelf life
6-pack Survival Water Pouches – 5-yr extended shelf life
Emergency Blanketretains up to 90% body heat
Safety Mask
Waterproof Matches – 1 box
Emergency Whistle with Lanyard
37-piece First Aid Kit
Hand Towelettes
Emergency instructions

Our survival fannypack kits make great earthquake kits, commuter survival kits, or workplace disaster preparedness kits!



Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

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