Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kit


Popular Classroom Emergency Go-Bucket Kit holds all the essentials for school lockdown, earthquake survival, hurricane, tornado, storm, emergency sanitation, classroom safety. School safety kits are packed in crush-resistant 5-gal honeybucket – assembled in USA! Makes a perfect, easy-to-grab Back to School Kit!

Product Description

Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kit

ITEM #M-13047 

Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kit makes an Easy, Ready-to-Grab Back to School Kit!

This great School Safety Kit is the most popular of our classroom disaster bucket kits – Our survival go-buckets make terrific teacher emergency kits – perfect for school earthquake kits, hurricane, tornado, severe storm – Keep safety & sanitation supplies handy & easy to grab in any emergency!

Sunset Survival’s classroom kits include safety essentials and emergency sanitation kit equipment for school lock down, earthquake preparedness kit, or other student disaster survival situation:

  • Portable toilet “bucket” – *Sturdy, crush-resistant 5-gal honey bucket is specially designed & manufactured with 90 mil thickness & strength, much more durable than most other emergency buckets available. Includes carry handle, snap-on emergency toilet seat, solid black lid cover.*
  • 3 – 3600-calorie Survival Food Bars – Each 5-year shelf life emergency food ration bar is scored to break easily into 9 pieces for convenient portion control, easy-to-grab Emergency Food Storage for School Safety Buckets! Survival bars are US Coast Guard approved.
  • 30 Emergency Water pouches – 5 year shelf life offers long-term water storage for this handy, ready-to-use classroom kit – US Coast Guard approved Survival Water comes packaged in five reusable, collapsible drinking containers with built-in pour spout – each containing 6 individual pouches of Safe Drinking Water for School Kits. 
  • Roll of Toilet Paper,
  • Toilet Deodorizer Packets for emergency sanitation bucket portapotty,
  • 100 Hand Cleansing Wipes – single wrapped packets,
  • Toilet Liner Waste Disposal Bags,
  • Emergency Radio with Batteries,
  • Safety Whistle on Lanyard – great addition to school safety kits,
  • Mylar Survival Blanket – Emergency blanket retains up to 90% body heat for disaster survival, school lockdown kits, earthquake safety, ground cover
  • Roll of Multi-Purpose Duct Tape for school survival kits

Classroom safety kits are an essential part of every school emergency plan, including those implementing A.L.I.C.E. guidelines for classroom ALICE safety bucket kits – Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate – and other disaster planning essentials for emergency go-kits. For districts using RHF – Run Hide Fight – this is a great supplies kit to include in your school emergency preparedness program!

Sunset Survival Emergency Kits are proudly assembled in the USA!

Consider adding a Deluxe Privacy Room Cabana for a quick, pop-up Privacy Shelter for use as an emergency classroom lockdown restroom or changing area.

*Email us today at or call 714-369-8096 to create a customized classroom kit or other safety kit for your school, agency or organization!

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Weight 20.5 lbs