Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kit


Our most popular Classroom Emergency Go-Bucket Kit includes all the essentials for school lockdown, earthquake survival, storm, or any classroom safety or survival situation. School safety kits are packed in a crush-resistant 5-gal honeybucket!


Product Description


Classroom Emergency Lock Down Safety Bucket Kit

This great Classroom Lockdown Bucket Kit is the most popular of our school disaster bucket kits – These survival go-buckets make great classroom earthquake kits!

Classroom safety kits are an essential part of every school emergency plan, including those implementing A.L.I.C.E. guidelines for classroom kits – Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate – for school emergency go-kits.

This great school survival bucket kit includes essential classroom safety and emergency sanitation supplies for emergency lockdown, earthquake preparedness kit, or other disaster survival situation:

  • Portable toilet – Crush-resistant 5-gal honey bucket with carry handle, includes snap-on emergency toilet seat, lid cover
  • 3 – 3600-calorie Survival Food Bars – Each 5-year shelf life emergency food ration bar is scored to break easily into 9 pieces for convenient portion control
  • 30 Emergency Water pouches – 5 year shelf life to allow long-term storage for this great, ready-made classroom kit
  • Roll of Toilet Paper,
  • 2 Toilet Deodorizer Packets for emergency sanitation bucket (portapotty),
  • 100 Hand Cleansing Towelettes – indiv. wrapped,
  • 4 Toilet Liner Bags,
  • Emergency Radio with Batteries,
  • Safety Whistle – great addition to school safety kits,
  • Mylar Survival Blanket – retains up to 90% body heat for disaster survival, school lockdown, earthquake safety
  • Roll of Multi-Purpose Duct Tape for school kit

*Call 714-369-8096 or 866-637-3440, or email, to customize classroom lockdown bucket kit or other school survival kits for your school or community organization.

Additional Information

Weight 23.5 lbs

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