So You’ve Got A Question to Ask?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Schools and School Districts

1. Do you have any products designed specifically for schools?

Yes! We have a complete Classroom – School section dedicated to many of the essentials for classroom emergencies and safety, such as lockdown bucket kits with emergency toilet, teacher backpack kits, 1-day student survival kits, first aid kits and supplies, cots, and much more!

2. What is a bucket kit?

A bucket kit is an emergency kit that comes packed in a 5-gallon “bucket” with a toilet seat/lid on top, which can be used as an emergency toilet in a lockdown or survival situation. Bucket kits typically include toilet liner bags, deodorizer, toilet paper and hand wipes, along with other essential emergency supplies to assist your students and teachers in getting through a school crisis. Our website shows a complete product listing for every kit. Any classroom kit or other survival kit may be customized to meet your school’s unique needs.

3. We want to add extra products along with the items that come in the standard classroom emergency kits shown on your website. Can we order our kits with extra items?

Absolutely! Just let us know what items you would like to add at the time you place your order.

4. Your classroom kits include a few items we already have and don’t need. Can we customize our kit so we are not purchasing items we don’t need, or substitute different products?

Absolutely! Let us know what substitutions you would like to make, and we will provide you with a customized price quote at that time.

5. Can we order our kits personalized with our school name and mascot?

Yes! Backpack, fanny pack, cooler and bucket emergency kits can all be silk-screened with your school name and/or mascot. Create your own kit and we will provide you with a customized quote to include silk-screening and the items you have chosen for your school’s kit. We will need your artwork submitted in electronic form (emailed as an attachment), and there is typically a minimum order of 20-24 kits for silk-screening.

6. Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, checks and school purchase orders from public schools. (Orders placed online require payment by credit/debit card or PayPal at time of order.) Please contact us at 714-369-8096 or 866-637-3440 to make purchase-order arrangements.

7. Besides classroom emergency kits, do you also carry first aid kits and other items for our school health office?

Yes, we do! Please check out our sections on: First Aid/Trauma Kits for kits for a wide selection of kits of all sizes; and
First Aid/Trauma Supplies with a variety of first aid/health care supplies to choose from.Our instant ice packs require no freezing or refrigeration and are especially popular for schools!

8. Our school has been designated a regional evacuation shelter. Do you carry emergency shelter equipment and supplies?

Yes, we do! Space Saver Cots, Emergency Water and Survival Sleeping Bags are just a few of the items shown on our website that are popular for emergency shelters. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please let us know – we have hundreds more items available that do not yet appear on our site!

9. How long will food bars and emergency water keep?

All our food bars, boxed water and pouch water are shelf-stable for 5 years, and are individually marked with expiration date.

10. How much will shipping cost?

Shipping discounts are available for large orders – please email us your shipping address and order details (products, quantities) at for a ship quote. (For most orders placed online, shipping will automatically calculate.)

11. Does Sunset Survival have much experience working with schools or other public organizations?

Yes, we do! We have extensive experience working with schools throughout the U.S. to ensure that all our customers’ questions are answered, and that kits are built to our customers’ specifications. Sunset Survival is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (DBE, WBE, SBE, EDWOSB), established in 2006. In addition to being a supplier for many schools, we are also an established vendor to the Government at the Federal, state and local levels.

12. How do we contact you to discuss our school’s specific needs?

Just call us at 714-369-8096 or 866-637-3440. A “live human” will answer the phone, and you will never get stuck in an “automated loop.” If we are helping other customers and can’t answer right away, please leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly. You can also email us at, or use our website customer contact form.