MWA5-PK 5-gallon Stackable Emergency Water Storage Container, Sunset Survival Kits, Earthquake Kits, Emergency Water, Survival Food

Stackable 5-gallon Water Storage Container


5-gal Emergency Water Storage Containers with tamper-resistant cap – empty – *Handy 2-pack of 5-gal survival water containers*

UN-approved Food-Safe, Stackable


Product Description

Item MWA5-2PK

Stackable 5 gallon Emergency Water Storage Container – Empty – *HANDY PACK OF 2 5-gal containers*

5 gallon UN-rated Food-Safe Emergency Water Containers feature tamper-evident cap, low profile carry handle molded into top, square design for easy stacking, long-term storage.

Emergency water cube container is manufactured from blue HDPE material designed to block out light for long-term safe water storage.

Stackable water containers each measure approx 11″ x 10″ x 14″.

Add Water Preservative (8 drops per gallon) when filling water storage containers for 5-year shelf-life – *Preservative is sold separately.*

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs

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