Emergency Fanny Pack Kit


Emergency Fannypack Survival Kit leaves hands free in an emergency; Includes Survival Food, Water, Radio, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Blanket, and more!

Product Description

Item M-13041

formerly item MKFP

Emergency Fanny Pack Kit

This handy emergency survival kit includes disaster essentials equipment for personal survival conveniently packaged in a fanny-pack to leave hands free in an emergency!

Fanny pack kits include:
AM-FM Radio
Squeeze Flashlight – no batteries ever needed! 1 min charging provides 15-20 min light
2400-Calorie Survival Food Bar – 5 year shelf life
6-pack Survival Water Pouches – 5-yr extended shelf life
Emergency Blanketretains up to 90% body heat
Safety Mask
Waterproof Matches – 1 box
Emergency Whistle with Lanyard
37-piece First Aid Kit
Hand Towelettes
Emergency instructions

Our survival fannypack kits make great earthquake kits, commuter survival kits, or workplace disaster preparedness kits!



Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs