MKT-DG1 Pet Survival Kit for Dogs from Sunset Survival and First Aid, Pet Safety Kits, Emergency Supplies, Disaster Preparedness

Dog Emergency Survival Kit with First Aid


Great Pet Earthquake Kit – Our new Dog Survival Kit contains a full range of pet emergency preparedness supplies for your dog, including Pet First Aid Kit and much more!

Product Description

Item MKT-DG1

Dog Emergency Kit

38 piece pet emergency kit for dogs

Kit comes packed in convenient 3-gal Bucket with Lid

2 Survival Dog Food – 5 yr shelf life
2 Emergency Blankets
2 Light Sticks
2 Dog Bowls
Tennis ball
Pet First Aid Kit
Pet Survival Info
12 Survival Water Pouches – 5-yr shelf life
50′ Rope
6 Waste Disposal Bags
3 Chew Sticks
Can Opener
Bloodstopper Dressing

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