3-person Deluxe Emergency Backpack with First Aid


Deluxe 3-person Backpack Survival Kit contains Emergency Food and Water, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Radio, Tent, Stove, and much more! Our go bag backpack kits are assembled right here in the USA!

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Item M-13037

formerly item MKEX3

3-person Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit with First Aid

Our most popular 3-person survival backpack kit is fully assembled right here in the USA!

This complete emergency kit is packaged in a weather-resistant, durable backpack with padded shoulder straps, convenient hanging loop, large backpack center compartment with lockable zippers (lock not included).

Emergency Backpack with First Aid includes the following essential disaster preparedness and first aid supplies:

3 – 2400-cal Emergency Food Bars – 5 yr shelf stable survival food bars, stamped with expiration date, US Coast Guard approved
18 – Pouches Emergency Drinking Water – 5-yr shelf-stable survival water, each pouch stamped with expiration date
3 – Mylar Survival Blankets – retains up to 90% body heat. Can also be used as weather protection, ground cover, or signaling device for emergency air support
3 – Protective Face Masks
3 – Hooded Emergency Ponchos
Flashlight with “D” Batteries
2-person Camping Tent
50′ Nylon Cord
12-hour Light Stick
54-piece First Aid Kit
Water Purification Tablets, 50 tabs – 2 tablets purify 1 quart water
Box of Waterproof Matches
All-Purpose Utility Knife
5-n-1 Floating Emergency Whistle with lanyard, compass, waterproof compartment, signal mirror, flint
AM/FM Radio with batteries
Folding Camp Stove
Leather Palm Work Gloves

Every household should have disaster preparedness supplies on hand BEFORE you need them. In a crisis, it may take a while for help to arrive and you may need to shelter-in-place in the meantime with emergency food and water, first aid supplies, and household essentials you have on hand.

Sunset Survival’s 3 person Deluxe Emergency Backpack with First Aid is an easy, convenient way to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and prepared without making numerous shopping trips to gather disaster supplies – your survival kit is assembled right here in the USA and is ready-to-use when you receive it!

Deluxe survival kits are a terrific Bugout Bag for preppers, survivalists, anyone who wants the peace of mind of knowing your safety essentials are all in one place and ready when you need them. Emergency kits make great gifts!

Make an emergency plan. Be sure every member of your household knows where survival supplies are kept, and what to do in case of emergency.


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Weight 19 lbs