Emergency Planning Tips

Emergency Planning Tips courtesy of US Dept of Homeland Security & FEMA Emergency Resources Follow the helpful links below to create a customized emergency plan for your home, school or workplace! Printable Emergency Planning and Survival Tips Learn about the Myth: “We Don’t Have Disasters Where I Live!” Emergency information, survival checklists, and interactive family […]

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Food Safety Tips After Hurricane or Other Disaster

–courtesy of CDC & USDA Food Safety & Inspection Svc (FSIS) Hurricanes present the possibility of power outages and flooding that can compromise the safety of stored food. Residents in the path of a hurricane should pay close attention to the forecast. FSIS safety experts recommend that consumers take the following steps to reduce food […]

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Disaster Planning for People with Chronic Disease

–safety tips courtesy of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires, can be stressful and devastating for persons living with a chronic disease. Learn safety tips to help reduce the risk of illness or serious health complications in a disaster. Be prepared for a disaster. Make an emergency plan and have a […]

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CDC Issues Generator Safety Warning, Hurricane Survival Update

CDC ISSUES GENERATOR SAFETY WARNING,  Hurricane Survival Update Carbon Monoxide Hazard Hurricane Safety Experts at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) have issued an alert reminding everyone to Keep Generators Outdoors, 20 feet away from your home or business! Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the main causes of death after hurricanes. Exhaust […]

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Know What To Do in an Earthquake

Know what to do in an Earthquake – and what NOT to do – when the ground starts to shake where you are! Southern California Earthquake Center has prepared the following earthquake safety video to demonstrate their recommended earthquake survival technique. Make sure your know what to do in an earthquake: Practice Drop, Cover and […]

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