MTR55-DT Adhesive Triage Tape, 4-color set from Sunset Survival and First Aid, Emergency Responder Supplies, Survival Kits, Disaster Preparedness

Triage Tape Set – Adhesive – Set of 4 colors


Adhesive-backed Triage Tape, complete set of 4 triage colors: Red, Immediate (Rapid treatment is Imperative) –  Yellow, Delayed (Non Life Threatening Injury) – Green, Minor (Walking Wounded) – Black (Deceased)


Product Description

Item MTR55-DT

Adhesive Triage Tape – One 60-yd roll of each of the four official triage colors:

Red, Immediate (Rapid treatment),

Yellow, Delayed (Non Life Threatening Injury),

Green, Minor Injuries (Walking Wounded),

Black (Deceased)

Additional Information

Weight 4.25 lbs