Aqua Blox Survival Water Box – Case of 32


Aqua Blox Survival Water Box – Case of 32 individual survival water boxes – 5-year shelf stable – great for school, home, office, Government, emergency water storage.


Product Description


Aqua Blox Survival Water Box with Straw – Case of 32 emergency water boxes, 6.75 oz per box

*Emergency Experts recommend keeping a minimum of 1 gallon safe water on hand per day, for every person and pet.*

Aqua-Blox (32 water boxes, 6.75 oz each) – each box includes an attached straw – great for kids, schools, home, earthquake, disaster preparedness!

Boxed Emergency Water provides 5-year Extended Shelf Life without the use of additives or preservatives.

Our boxed emergency water originates from a municipal water source and undergoes a UHT Pasteurization Process before being packaged into a sterile, hermetically sealed, 7-layer carton. 

Case of 32 individual drinking water boxes, each box comes with attached drinking straw.

AquaBlox provides safe drinking water storage with no risk of water molecules penetrating the packaging, no risk of package migration or unsavory taste.

Great for classroom emergency preparedness, Government agencies, home & workplace disaster kit supplies! 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have plenty of emergency survival water on hand for earthquake preparedness, hurricane, tornado, storm survival!

Boxed Survival Water also available in large 1-liter water boxes!

Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs

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