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1,200-cal Emergency Food Bar


1200 cal Mayday Survival Foodbar, 5-year shelf life, apple cinnamon flavor, pre-cut into 6 pcs. Safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nut oils


Product Description

Item MFB12M

1,200-calorie Emergency Food Bar

Our 5-year shelf stable emergency bars are safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts, peanuts or nut oils.

Emergency survival foodbar can be stored in temperatures up to 149 degrees

Ready-to-eat with no preparation
Specially packaged and sealed for 5-yr shelf life
Our survival food bars are individually stamped with dates of manufacture & expiration
Non thirst provoking
High in vitamins
Apple cinnamon flavor
No cholesterol, nuts or nut oils

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Each survival bar weighs 9 oz., pre-scored into 6 pcs.

1200 calorie survival bars are also available by the case.


Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs