Honey Bucket Portapotty with Seat, Lid


Portapotty – honey bucket – with emergency toilet seat, lid. Crush-resistant 5-gal bucket with handle, toilet seat with attached lid. Also great as a sturdy container for storing emergency supplies.

Product Description

Item #M-11316


Honey Bucket Portapotty with Toilet Seat, Lid

Extra-Sturdy, Crush-Resistant 5-gallon honeybucket with carry handle

  • Includes Portable Toilet Seat with attached Lid
  • Honey buckets can also be used as a sturdy container for storing other emergency supplies.
  • Honeybucket Toilet Kits are bright yellow for easy visibility to grab quickly for use in a disaster survival or school lockdown emergency.
  • Emergency toilet seat with lid snaps onto our crush-resistant honey bucket (portapotty) for easy use, easy removal. 
  • Sanitation Supplies package sold separately.


**Must See our Complete Toilet and Sanitation Kit – complete Honey Bucket Toilet Kit includes all the hygiene and sanitation essentials you need in one easy kit!**


Additional Information

Weight 6.5 lbs