400-Cal Emergency Food Bars – Case of 110


5-yr Shelf Life –

Case of 110 – 400-cal Emergency Survival Bars are stamped with exp date, can be stored outside up to 149 deg.

Product Description

Item M-73510

formerly item MFB40MC

400-calorie Emergency Survival Food Bars – Case of 110 emergency bars – Specially packaged to remain shelf stable for 5 years.

Meets US Coast Guard guidelines.

Nutritious apple-cinnamon flavored foodbar, high in vitamins

Non thirst-provoking.

*Emergency food rations are baked and packaged in the USA.*

No cholesterol, tropical oils or nut oils.

Perfect for any survival kit or backpack.

Can be stored outside up to 149 degrees.

Each survival food ration bar is stamped with date of manufacture & expiration date.

Safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nut oils.

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Perfect for school emergency food storage!


Additional Information

Weight 33 lbs