MFA-TK4MD Mini START Folding First Aid Kit from Sunset Survival and First Aid, Emergency Supplies, Disaster Preparedness

Mini START Folding First Aid Kit 124-piece


124 pc START Folding First Aid Sleeve includes Instant Icepacks, Gauze, Bandages, Burn Gel, Gloves, Tweezers, First Aid Instructions, and more


Product Description


124 piece MINI START folding first aid kit packaged in medical sleeve

S.T.A.R.T. “Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment” mini first aid kit includes:

2 Instant Ice Packs – never needs freezing or refrigeration
6 – 2″x2″ Gauze Pads
6 – 3″x3″ Gauze Pads
6 – 4″x4″ Gauze Pads
12 Antiseptic Wipes
12 Alcohol Wipes
6 Iodine Wipes
1 Burn Gel
12 Cleansing Towelettes
2 Large Patch Bandages
12 – 1″x3″ Bandages
12 – 3/4″x3″ Bandages
4 Packs Non-Aspirin Pain Relief
1 Bandage Scissors
2 – 1/2″x2 yd Tape
6 Knuckle Bandages
4 Tongue Depressors
6 Fingertip Bandages
2 pr Medical Gloves
1 Tweezers
6 Butterfly First Aid Bandages
1 First Aid Instructions
2 – 5″x9″ Combine Dressing Bandages

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs