Know What To Do in an Earthquake

Know what to do in an Earthquake – and what NOT to do – when the ground starts to shake where you are!

Southern California Earthquake Center has prepared the following earthquake safety video to demonstrate their recommended earthquake survival technique.

Make sure your know what to do in an earthquake: Practice Drop, Cover and Hold On at home, at work, at school!


In addition to practicing the Drop, Cover and Hold On earthquake survival technique recommended by FEMA and Earthquake Country Alliance experts, be sure your earthquake kits and disaster supplies are up to date for home, car, school and workplace!

Discuss your household earthquake readiness plan with every member of your family. Be sure everyone knows where the earthquake emergency supplies are kept!

Remember, earthquakes can happen anywhere! There’s never a better time to get yourself and your family prepared: Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Be Safe!

Getting prepared now will bring you peace of mind knowing that you have an emergency plan, and that your loved ones have earthquake survival supplies in place. An added bonus of making sure your earthquake kit is complete now – and updated – is that you will be putting your gear together while emergency supplies are readily available. After a quake, even if it is a moderate earthquake where area roads are not damaged, essential survival supplies are depleted quickly and there is often a delay in obtaining safety equipment and emergency products.


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