Triage Kit – 55 piece


55-piece Triage Kit includes: Grease Pencils, Clipboards, Triage Tags, Pencils, Carry Bag, ID Tags, Legend Safety Vests, and much more!

Product Description

Item MTR01

Triage Kit – 55 piece – Includes a select assortment of essential triage supplies and emergency disaster response equipment, as follows:

4 Grease Pencils, 4 Clipboards, 25 Triage Tags, 4 Pencils, 1 Carry Bag, ID Tags for Safety Vests (front and back), Ground Stakes, 4 200′ Rolls of Colored Triage Tape: Minor-Delayed-Immediate-Morgue, 4 Legend Safety Vests (features clear legend on front for nametag, back area for disaster response assignment), Triage Guide Book, Triage forms included: Triage Treatment Log, Head-to-Toe Patient Evaluation, Injury Assessment, Body ID Sheet

Heavy-duty Triage Tarps in handy carry-bag available separately.

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs