Triage Tarp Set – set of 4


Heavy-duty triage tarp set – 16’x20′ – Set of 4 durable tarps in official triage colors.

Product Description

Item MTR07-SET

Full Triage Tarp Set includes the following disaster response equipment:

Four Heavy-Duty Triage Tarps, each tarp measures 16’x20′, with grommets every 4 feet – sturdy 10″x10″ weave.

Triage tarp set includes one tarp in each of the 4 official triage colors:
Red, Immediate (Rapid treatment is Imperative)
Yellow, Delayed (Non Life Threatening Injury)
Green, Minor (Walking Wounded)
Black (Deceased)

Triage Tarps with Heavy-Duty Carry Bag available separately, item MTR07-KT

Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs