Mountain Road Warrior Survival Backpack Kit


Durable backpack survival kit features 2,400-cal Survival Bar, Emergency Water, Reflective Triangle, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Knife, Whistle, & much more! This great travel safety kit is proudly made in the USA!

Product Description

Item M-10011

formerly item MAA02

22 piece Mountain Road Warrior survival kit

Great travel safety kit for roadside emergencies, disaster preparedness, earthquake survival!

This Roadside Emergency Backpack Kit contains the following:

Heavy-duty backpack

2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar (5-yr shelf life),

Survival water pouches (5-yr shelf life)

30 Minute High-Intensity Light Stick,

Heavy Duty Tow Rope,

Auto Spot Light,

Jumper Cables,

First Aid Kit,

Emergency Flashlight,

Flashlight Batteries, 

Fire Extinguisher,

Mylar Sleeping Bag – retains up to 90% body heat, can be used for ground cover or as an emergency signaling device for air support,

Waterproof Hooded Poncho,

Swiss Style Army Knife,  

Leather Palm Work Gloves,

Emergency Whistle,

Duct Tape,

Multi-purpose Utility Knife,

Moist Hand Towelettes – individually wrapped,

Reflective Emergency Triangle


Additional Information

Weight 13 lbs