Heater Meals, self-heating, CASE OF 12


Case of 12 Self Heating Meals – assorted varieties. Each self-heating emergency meal kit includes heating element for easy, hot meal in 5 min. 

Product Description

ITEM #M-73605

formerly item MFB-98010

HeaterMeals EX – Case of 12 self-heating complete meals

1 Case — makes 12 9-oz hot meals, ready in just 5 minutes!

Self heating emergency meal kits are each self-contained with all you need to enjoy a hot meal in minutes without need for stove, flame, or other external heating element.

No refrigeration needed!

HeaterMeals EX are tasty self-heating entrees. Calorie content differs among meal varieties, and contain approx 300 calories per meal.

Designed for extended shelf life food storage, these survival meals are easy to store and distribute, and offer up to a 5-year shelf-life.

In addition to your food, each individual meal box includes the heating element that serves as the oven to heat the meal, plus packet of salt water that activates the heating element. Also included with each MRE-style meal are eating utensils and seasoning packets!

Case contains 6 meal varieties, 2 meals of each.

Meal varieties currently include the following (self-heating meals may vary based on availability):

  • Southwest Style Chicken with Rice and Beans
  • Homestyle Chicken & Noodles in Gravy
  • Zesty BBQ Sauce, Diced Potatoes with Beef
  • Vegetarian Pasta Fagioli
  • Chicken Pasta Italiana
  • Green Pepper Steak with Rice

Emergency food and water are essential survival supplies for your emergency preparedness program! Great for your earthquake food and water survival kit – and for extended storm or power outage disaster survival.

Be sure to also check out our new 10-year shelf-life emergency water– a perfect companion survival essential to your heater meals emergency food MREs!







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Weight 14 lbs