Easy Evac Roll Stretcher Kit


Easy Evac Emergency Stretcher features built-in compartments containing 2 paramedic blankets, and more! Evacuation stretchers are lightweight, easy to store.

Product Description


Easy Evacuation Emergency Stretcher is lightweight, easy to store.

Built-in accessory compartments within the evac stretcher keep disaster evac items handy to grab, including:
Paramedic blanket  – can double as an emergency pillow,
Triage tag,
Lightweight Mylar survival blankets – retain up to 90% body heat, can be used as ground cover or signalling device,
Latex-free, Nitrile medical exam gloves.

Weight limit 250 lbs.

Emergency medical stretchers and backboards are essential first responder gear items for any search and rescue team, as well as for classroom first aid and school health office supplies kit.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs