Complete Toilet and Sanitation Kit


Our Complete Emergency Toilet and Sanitation Kits include all the essential Hygiene and Sanitation Supplies you’ll need for Disaster Preparedness, Classroom Lockdown, Severe Storm Survival, Camping, Emergency Planning. These emergency buckets make great emergency sanitation kits as a School Safety Go-Bucket or Earthquake Survival Kit!

Product Description


This Emergency Toilet and Sanitation Kit includes all the essential emergency hygiene and sanitation supplies you’ll need in a lockdown or disaster survival situation:

Crush-resistant 5-gallon honeybucket portable toilet with seat/lid features handy carry handle

12 – Toilet Liner Bags for Emergency Sanitation Waste Disposal

12 – Toilet Kit Bio-Green Chemical Packets – waste dissolvent/deodorizer

6  – Personal-size Pocket Tissue packs

12 – Moist Cleansing Towelettes – individually wrapped

10 – Disposable, Biodegradable Toilet Seat Covers

1 Pair – Protective Vinyl Gloves

1 roll – Toilet Paper

2 – Large, Heavy-Duty Waste Disposal Bag

Go-Bucket Toilet Kits are bright yellow for easy visibility to grab for use in a disaster survival or school lockdown situation. 

Emergency toilet seat with lid snaps on top of honey bucket (portapotty) for easy use, easy removal. 

Complete toilet and sanitation kits contain hygiene and emergency sanitation supplies you need for travel, camping, emergency preparedness, family earthquake kit, or classroom disaster lock down.

Sunset Survival’s Emergency Toilet Kits make great School Kits for classroom earthquake survival or disaster preparedness planning!


Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs