MCRT2 C.E.R.T. Action Response Backpack Kit from Sunset Survival and First Aid, CERT Responder Supplies, Emergency Kits, Survival Supplies, Disaster Preparedness

CERT Action Response Backpack Kit


CERT Action Responder Backpack Kit includes a variety of first responder essentials, safety tools and first aid supplies.

Product Description

Item MCRT2

C.E.R.T. Action Response Unit Backpack Kit contains:

Green Backpack with official C.E.R.T. logo,
C.E.R.T. safety hard hat,
Heavy-duty work gloves,
Vented chemical goggles,
14-in-1 emergency pocket tool,
12-Hr lightstick
CERT Safety vest w/reflective stripe,
Protective Knee pads,
Gas shut-off emergency tool,
N95 antimicrobial respirator mask,
Mylar survival blanket Рretains up to 90% body heat,
Duct tape,
Flashlight with Batteries,
Metal whistle,
Caution tape – yellow barricade tape with black imprint,
15″ Pry bar,
Marking crayon,
Rope 1/4″x50 ft,
3 pouches of emergency water Р5-yr shelf life

1 Bloodstopper Dressing,
4 4×4 Sterile gauze pads,
1 Hydrogen Peroxide – 4 oz,
1 1/2″ x 2 1/2 yds Adhesive tape,
1 pr Scissors,
1 SPF 30 sunscreen towelette – ind foil packet,
2 Medical gloves 1 pr.

All of our C.E.R.T. responder kits are pre-assembled to be ready-to-go for Community Emergency Response Team members!

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