Basic 3-day Survival Kit with Lightstick, in Bag


Basic 3-day Emergency Kit with Lightstick packed in easy zip-lock bag. 72-hr survival kit contains all the basics to get you through those first 3 days, incl Emergency Water, 2400-cal Survival Food Bar, Survival Blanket, Light Stick, hand wipes. Great for schoolroom, car, office!

Product Description

Item M-13046

formerly Item MKKG

Basic 3 day Survival Kit with Light stick, packed in convenient Zip-Lock Bag – also makes a great student emergency kit!

This compact emergency survival kit contains all the basic disaster survival kit supplies to get you through those first 72 hrs.

Basic earthquake kit contains:
1 – 6-pk Emergency Water Pouches- 5-yr shelf life,
1 – 2400 Calorie 5-yr shelf life Emergency Food bar,
1 – Mylar Emergency Blanket – retains up to 90% body heat, can be used as signaling device
1 – Lightstick,
3 – Individually wrapped towelettes,
1 – Emergency Instructions

Our 3-day kits are pre-packed and ready-for-use in home, classroom, car, office – anywhere!

An easy way for schools and busy parents to make sure their family members have their student earthquake kits ready before they need them! (also terrific for tornado, power outage, hurricane preparedness, storm and other emergencies)

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs