Basic 3-Day Emergency Kit with First Aid


72-hr Emergency Kit with First Aid includes all the basics to get you thru those first crucial 72 hrs: Drinking Water, Survival Bar, Survival Blanket, Flashlight, and more!

Product Description

Item M-13049

formerly MKKRT

Basic 3 day Survival Kit with First Aid 

3 day emergency kit contains all the basic survival supplies to get you through the first crucial 72 hrs after a disaster or power outage.

Basic Earthquake Emergency Kit contains:
6-pk Emergency Water Pouches (5-yr shelf life),
2400 Calorie Emergency Food bar (5-yr shelf life),
Emergency Blanket (retains 90% body warmth, can be used to signal help),
Hand Squeeze Flashlight (needs no batteries, bright LEDs last hrs once fully charged, 1 min charging gives 15-20 min light),
3 Hand Towelettes
Emergency Instructions,
8-piece First Aid Kit.
Packed in box.

Great 3-day basic earthquake kit for home, school, car, office, camping.


Additional Information

Weight 4.5 lbs