6-pack Emergency Water Pouches


Survival water, 6 water pouches packed in handy emergency drinking container with pour spout. Purified pouch water is expertly packaged in the USA for a 5-year shelf-life. *Coast Guard Approved*

Product Description

Item #M-73013


  • 6-pack of Purified Emergency Water Pouches – *US Coast Guard Approved*
  • Each pouch is expertly packaged and sealed to remain 5-year shelf-stable for your convenience and safety.
  • Emergency water pouches are individually stamped with dates of manufacture and expiration.
  • Each 4.225 oz pouch is designed to block out light and bacteria so water remains safe for drinking or cooking.
  • Our survival water pouches are packaged in a flexible, packable 1-liter emergency drinking water container.
  • Our 6-pack survival water kits are compact and easy to store for emergency water storage and disaster preparedness provisions.
  • Mayday Emergency Water is manufactured in the USA.
  • Survival water manufacturer bottling license number with the State of California is #45770.
  • Our emergency pouch water is US Coast Guard Approved and is specially sealed and packaged for a 5-year shelf life.

Our emergency water pouches are great for emergency water storage use for emergency planning, vehicle survival kits, workplace safety kits, student kits and more!

The American Red Cross and other emergency planning experts recommend storing a minimum of one gallon of survival water per day, for each person and pet, for emergency use. 

Sunset Survival Emergency Water is also available by the case or pallet. Please email or call Sunset Survival for pallet pricing at or 714-369-8096.

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs