400-Cal Emergency Food Bar


400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar features a 5-year shelf life! Each survival ration contains no peanuts, tree nuts or nut oils. Ready to eat. Easy to pack, can be stored in up to 149 deg weather conditions!

Product Description

Item M-73450

formerly item MFB40M

Each 400-calorie Emergency Food Bar is specially packaged and sealed for 5 YR shelf life
High in vitamins & nutrition, no cholesterol, peanuts, tree nuts, nut oils or tropical oils
Ready to eat, apple cinnamon flavor
Baked under strict supervision
Survival bars can be stored outside up to 149 degrees
Individually stamped with date of manufacture & expiration
Each emergency bar weighs 3 oz

Now available in 4 sizes: 400-cal, 1200-cal, 2400-cal, 3600-cal

Emergency bars are great for hiking, camping food, disaster preparedness rations

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Weight .25 lbs