4-Person Deluxe Search and Rescue Kit in Duffel


4-person Deluxe Search and Rescue Kit in Sturdy Duffel includesSolar Radio, Flashlights, Steel Pulley, Caution Tape, Search and Rescue Tools!

Product Description

Item MKSR4

4 Person Search and Rescue Kit in Duffel – Now with Solar NOAA Dynamo Emergency Radio!

Packaged in a carry-anywhere duffel bag.

Kit contains:
4 pr Leather Palm Gloves
4 pr Medical Exam Gloves
4 – 12-hr Lightsticks
6 – Hi-intensity Lightsticks
2 Emergency Flashlights
1 ” Element” Solar Dynamo Crank NOAA Emergency Weather Radio
2 Alkaline Batteries
50-yd Roll Duct Tape
6-pc Screwdriver Set
2000-lb Test Steel Pulley Comealong
300′ Roll Caution Tape
8’x10′ Tarp
4 Safety Goggles
1 Saw
24″ Pry Bar
1 Vise Grip
1 Utility Knife
1 Folding Shovel
4 Whistles
50′ Nylon Cord
1 Pliers
4 Hard Hats

This SAR kit makes a great first responder kit!

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs