3,600-cal Emergency Food Bar


5 yr shelf life 3600 Cal. Mayday Survival Food Bars are Coast Guard-approved, stamped with exp date, free of peanuts, tree nuts or nut oils.

Product Description

Item M-73503

formerly item MFB36M

3600 Calorie emergency food bar, 5-year shelf-life, each bar is stamped with exp date, high in nutrition, ready to eat
Apple cinnamon flavor
Baked in the USA under strict supervision & approved by US Coast Guard and Canadian Transport Dept.
Our survival bars can be stored outside up to 149 degrees
3,600-cal disaster rations are high in vitamins, no cholesterol, no nuts or nut oils
Non thirst provoking

Each survival bar weighs 27 oz., pre-scored into 9 pcs for easy portion control – great for classroom emergency kit supplies!

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Additional Information

Weight 1.9 lbs