MC-66Z 25-Watt Megaphone with 1,000-yd range from Sunset Survival and First Aid, Emergency Kits, Triage Supplies, School Safety Kits, Survival Equipment, Disaster Preparedness

25 Watt Bull Horn w Detachable Microphone


25-Watt Bullhorn, 1,000 Yard Range, features Detachable Microphone.

Product Description

Item MC-66Z

Bull Horn – 25 Watt with 1,000-Yard Range – 25W megaphone features: Power output: 25 Watts peak – 20 Watts rated. Batteries: 8 C cells (not included). Dynamic mike on coiled cord: talk switch hand and shoulder straps, uses Class B push pull circuit. Pistol grip talk switch. Signal alarm switch bell diameter 9-1/2″ – length 15″ (Product brand may vary subject to availability)

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