10-person Deluxe Office Survival Bucket Kit


Deluxe Office Emergency Bucket Kit for 10 people incl. Honeybucket portable toilets, Survival Food and Water, Blankets, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, and more!

Product Description

Item MOEK10

Deluxe 10 person Office Survival Bucket Kit

10-person office kits are a terrific way to prepare smaller government agencies, non-profit groups, or other workplace safety centers with all the earthquake safety or other disaster preparedness essentials in one convenient workplace safety solution! – Easy to order, easy to find on hand when you need it!

Deluxe honey bucket kit with emergency toilets includes:
2 –  honey buckets – portapottie with seat & lid
10 – 2400-Cal. Emergency Food Bars (specially packaged for 5-yr shelf life),
60 – Survival Water Pouches (specially packaged for 5-yr shelf life),
10 – Mylar Survival Blankets (retains up to 90% body heat),
2 pr – Work Gloves
50 – Germicidal Water Purifier Tablets,
12 –  Emergency Sanitation Toilet Liner Bags,
10 – Moist Hand Cleansing Towelettes,
1 Box Waterproof Safety Matches,
1 – “The Element” NOAA/Solar/Dynamo Radio,
6 – 12-hr Lightsticks,
1 – 123-pc First Aid Kit,
1 – 5-pack of Candles,
5 – Exam Gloves – pair,
1 – Toilet Deodorizer Chemicals,
1 – 15″ Pry Bar,
1 – Emergency Flashlight,
2 – Flashlight Batteries,
1 – 300′ Caution Tape,
10 – Dust Masks,
1 – 8×10 Tarp. 

Office Emergency Preparedness Kits make great earthquake kits for the workplace! These great survival kits are also available in larger sizes. Contact us if you would like us to create a customized kit for your organization!

Additional Information

Weight 48 lbs