Help Prevent Heat-Related Deaths

FEMA Safety Tips, Prevent Heat-Related Deaths, Look Before You Lock
Help Prevent Heat-Related Deaths

Emergency Management Experts at NHTSA remind us that children become dehydrated more quickly than adults and are at higher risk of heat-related deaths and other dangers.

It is extremely dangerous to leave children (or pets!) alone in a parked car in warm or hot weather “even for a few minutes.” When it is 80 degrees outside, it can get up to 114 degrees inside your car in just 30 minutes!

The temperature inside your car can quickly become deadly — help prevent heat-related deaths by looking around carefully every time, BEFORE you lock your car and walk away from it! This simple step can save lives.

Remember: “Look Before You Lock”

Safety is #1: Always carry a First Aid Kit in your car for safety and peace of mind!

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