CDC Issues Generator Safety Warning, Hurricane Survival Update

CDC Issues Generator Safety Warning, Hurricane Survival Tips


Hurricane Survival Update

Carbon Monoxide Hazard

Hurricane Safety Experts at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) have issued an alert reminding everyone to Keep Generators Outdoors, 20 feet away from your home or business!

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the main causes of death after hurricanes.

  • Exhaust contains Carbon Monoxide, a poison gas you cannot see or smell.

  • Always use generators, pressure washers, and any gasoline-powered engines outdoors, at least 20 feet from doors, open windows, and vents.

  • Using a generator indoors will kill you in minutes!

  • Never use a generator indoors, in garages, or carports.

  • For your family’s safety, remember to ONLY use generators outdoors and a minimum of 20 feet from open windows, doors, and vents!

  • Be sure your loved ones know what to do to stay safe before, during and after a hurricane or other disaster.

  • Always have a disaster preparedness kit on hand in your home, car, school and workplace!

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